Out of the blue – credits

Music composed and arranged by Alessandro Taddei, with the exception of Immersion which was arranged by M°Luciano Titi.
The lyrics are by Veronica Totaro, with the exception of Portrait of, written by Alessandro Taddei and Veronica Totaro, and Ballo a due, written by Alessandro Taddei.

The album is performed by:
Veronica Totaro: lead and harmony vocals
Alessandro Taddei: piano and synths
Giancarlo Bianchetti: guitars, bass, drums and percussions

Guest performances:
Stefano Calvano: drums in Chimera and Immersion, and percussions in Tokyo
Giacomo Gaudenzi: cello in Saturnian night and Blue

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andrea Scardovi in 2020 at Duna Studio (Russi, Italy).
Immersion was recorded by Luciano Titi at Artha Studio (Ravenna, Italy).
Chimera, Uma mulher qualquer, Portrait of, Tokyo, and Silk road were partly recorded by Alessandro Taddei at Stafilhouse (Molinella, Bologna, Italy).

Album cover and graphic design: Virginia Paradinas

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