Out of the Blue is an album rich in musical knowledge, not only theoretical but also compositional, in which ideas come to converge in line with the great lesson of jazz and those of modern experimental or avant-garde music. A work with a broad international scope, with sounds chosen in a scientific way to say the least and with atmospheres that explore musical geographies distant but at the same time universal. That’s quite a discovery.” (Marco del Casale, Rockit)

Grateful for this beautiful review of our ‘Out of the blue’ to Marco Del Casale and Rockit.it!

(Available in Italian only)

“…the refined tracks of an album that, without being pop, are certainly such, resulting from Taddei’s experimentation with synthesizers and its combinations with other instruments.”

Latest review of ‘Out of the Blue’ by Federico Savini for Settesere newspaper. The full review is available here – in Italian only).