Neva – Credits


Neva is an album produced by Time Handlers Company and Luciano Titi.

The album comprises 12 original tracks composed and arranged by Alessandro Taddei, with the exception of Merini which was arranged by Luciano Titi.

The vocals in Merini and Testamento are by the late poet Alda Merini. Alda Merini’s original vocal contribution was recorded in Milan in 2005 by Alessandro Taddei. The sound was subsequently manipulated at Artha Studio and at Duna Studio to produced Merini and Testamento, respectively.

Mezdè and Fantésum are two poems in the Romagna dialect by poet Nevio Spadoni from his collection Poesie 1985-2017 (Società editrice Il Ponte Vecchio).
The lyrics of Domani are by Alessandro Taddei.
The lyrics of Bella ciao are an adaptation of those of an anonymous folk song.

The album cover is by photographer Daniele Casadio

The album Neva is performed by:
Giacomo Gaudenzi – Vocals and cello
Alessandro Taddei – Piano and synth
Luciano Titi – Accordion; percussions; electric guitars in Merini and Neva 
Edis Livnjak – Electric and acustic guitars
Paolo Fantini – Brass instruments
Francesco Ronchi – Hurdy-gurdy in Mezdè
Stefano Calvano – Cajon and drums in Il circo

Neva was partly recorded and mixed at Artha Studio by Luciano Titi (MeriniNevaDanza del ventoInvernoDomaniBella ciaoIl circoCinque passi); the remaining tracks were recorded and mixed by Andrea Scardovi at Duna Studio (DomaniMezdè; Fantésum; Amore; Testamento).
The mastering was done by Andrea Scardovi at Duna Studio (Russi, Italy).

I met poet Alda Merini while wandering through the streets of Milan. We spent a whole afternoon chatting in the midst of lots of cigarettes and that strange feeling of being carried by the madness of a genius. On that day not only Merini and Testamento were born, but also the entire poetics of the album which is dedicated to her.
A special thanks goes to the late poet Alda Merini for her extraordinary contribution. To her daughters Flavia, Barbara, Simona and Emanuela, and to the “Associazione Culturale Alda Merini” for understanding and supporting this work. 
To Luciano Titi for his valuable contribution to the album, and particularly for the beautiful accordion score written for the song Neva.
To Veronica Totaro for believing in this project.
To poet Nevio Spadoni for his suggestive verses. 
To Elena Casadei for having choreographed and danced on the notes of Danza del vento and Neva”

Alessandro Taddei

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