Alessandro Taddei – Director

Alessandro is a pianist, composer, playwright and theatre director.
He started his career as a musician in 2001 and has since composed several music albums.
In 2005 he co-founded the theatre company Gruppo Ponte Radio. Here, he wrote and directed several theatrical productions. Some of these, like On the border-through the mirror and Trilogia quasi dantesca – Black hell, Red purgatory and White paradise, were developed on a national and international scale. In 2009 Black hell, part one of Trilogia quasi dantesca, was awarded critics special mention for best Italian show at the Venice Biennale Theatre.  His theatre productions were showcased at several festivals, such as Sarajevo’s Mess Festival, Nobodaddy Theatre Festival of Ravenna, the Venice Biennale Theatre, and Naples Theatre Festival.

Veronica Totaro – Director

Veronica is a performer, singer and lyricist.
Her singing skills and various artistic abilities allow her to work in contemporary music contexts as well as in more classical ones.
Her writings range from lyrics to theatre scripts.
Her artistic background is complemented by her university training and professional experience. She has a Master’s degree in Financial Economics and has worked for several years as an economist for the UK Government.
In 2019, she co-founded Time Handlers, a London-based artistic company, with Alessandro Taddei, where she is currently working on a range of artistic projects.